Bryan Adrian & James Dell'Orco present

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Dorian Yaeger's Supper Club, 226 West 79th Street near Broadway --- NYC  Phone: 212-595-4350

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Dorian's, formerly Miss Ellie's, on W79th near Broadway, will stage a Read Out Poetry event on Sunday night, February 13th, at 9pm, and then once per month at 7pm afterwords!

Many up and coming writers and newly discovered talents will read aloud from their own wordsmithing. Several acoustical guitarists and a few comediennes will also perform in recitations or performances of up to four or five minutes each this Sunday night.

Come upstairs and enjoy creative writing in action!


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LAST CALL for Dorian's Upstairs

Reply to:
Date: 2005-02-13, 3:17PM EST


Feb. 13th 2005 / Sun. 9 PM / 

***Last Minute Submissions please warm up your engines!! *** 

Writer/Performers needed for Upper West Side literary performance night... 

email your submission NOW to James Dell'Orco --- OR 

Bryan Adrian -- 

Upper West Side READ OUT! ----- Event 

We are seeking male and female creative writers to read their own work at our READ OUT on the Upper West Side, something like a figure skating performance for each presenter -- but this will be a Figure Reading. We do not want to mirror the form of poetry slams that have been around since MTV popularized poetry performances. We want to create a stimulating presentation going back before MTV made readings what they are today, and start all over again. 

Bryan Adrian and James Dell'Orco are putting together a poetry-short story passage -- play-scene reading/audition, on the Upper West Side at DORIANS. We are seeking poets and short story writers and playwrights [a page or nearly two] of your story, or three or four minutes from a One Act Play in progress, writers who have good enough writing for the text to stand by itself alone, but a bit of performance ability would also be appreciated. 

We are not seeking grandstanding egos nor hobby writers who have a sizzling poetry slam style down pat, either. [Nobody to read over five minutes is our goal]. Public radio's Karen Pelland will be the MC of this event. 

Most importantly, send us your efforts right this minute in the TEXT of an EMAIL to Bryan or to Jim [see email addresses below]. Also, if you have a website, please also provide us with your URL so we can learn more about you. 

An interview on the Upper West Side or Times Square will follow, if deemed applicable, or describe yourself to us in your first email so we can just dispense with an interview. The deadline is getting close! 
[writings and dossier on one of the two organizers of this event] 

We have rented the 2nd [rarely used] spacious floor of a large bar/restaurant [DORIANS] and plan on breaking up the monotony of too many poets/writers reading consequetively with a stand-up comic poetess and a few acoustic guitar players and a few actresses reading compelling theatre-play dialogue for a few minutes. 

Buy your own drinks and bask in the applause. The date of the event will be Feb. 13th, Valentine's Day Eve, and the time, 9PM or so. 


Please contact either of us via email: 



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Here is a poem by new protege, SOSO QIPSHIDZE, 16, Young PEN prize winner, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2008:


This is not blank verse nor a short story....I'm not Bob Marley and I'm not a provincialist rapper....I ain't no gangster and I'm not a tight lipped punk....I'm not drunk but I'm not awake....I don't like it when I sleep but I like it when I want to sleep....I'm not kind but I'm not wicked....I don't like you and I don't love you too....I don't always want to live but I don't wanna die....People don't love me....they don't hate me neither.....I'm somewhere in the middle and I'll be there all my life....Here, where I'm at is a huge and beautiful color wheel....I'm sinking in vagueness. Here there are huge spaces and beautiful colors.